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Activity # It is the Activity Bot for your server. | #Youtube #Poker-Night #Game




Hello, I'm Activity.

I have been created for you to use Activity applications on your Discord server easily. I only support this languages.

[English, Turkish, Deutsch]


To clear up the confusion; When I join your server for the first time, I'll open a channel to inform you and explain everything to you as far as I know.But I'd like to briefly briefly give you a summary here.

Type one of the following on any channel on your server

    As you know, I know three languages: ↳ If you want to use it in English: .lang en ↳ Türkçe olarak kullanmak için: .dil tr ↳ Wenn Sie es in deutscher Sprache verwenden möchten: .sprache de


I will help you to use in-Discord applications such as Youtube,, and Poker Night easily.

If you want, let me introduce my commands to you:

    .yt <#CHANNELID> I'm launching the Youtube application on the audio channel for you. I'll help you watch movies or listen to music with your friends.

    .fish <#CHANNELID> I'm launching, our most played fishing app, on the audio channel. You can go on fun fishing with your friends.

    .bet <#CHANNELID> I'm launching, the Discord version of the Among-us game we all love, on the audio channel. Be careful. One of your friends is the killer!

    .poker <#CHANNELID> I'm launching the favorite Gambling game Poker Night on the audio channel. Don't show your cards to anyone!


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# We are ready to listen to all your opinions, positive or negative. Please help us improve!

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