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Moderation bot that can automoderate your server can have fun with it and much more.


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Config / settings

Config format ".settings <plugin> #channel" .settings deleted #channel - the bot will send all deleted messages .settings edited #channel - the bot will send all edited messages .settings ticket #channel - the bot will log ticket open/close/reopen/transcript .settings level #channel - it will send you have leveled to level 1 for example, You can also change level message .settings levelmessage "your message without the "" " for example .settings levelmessage gg ${user} you have leveled to ${user.level}. .settings antispam #channel - the bot will send the users that mute after spam. .settings chat #channel - in this channel you will have the chance to chat with rxsty .settings suggest #channel - you can suggest new guild features or anything you want (the bot will delete your message) .settings photos #channel - you can send your photos and the bot will send them with reactions so members can like / dislike .settings supportchannel #voice-channel - this will be your support channel .settings supportroom #voice-channel - the bot will move here users from supportchannel .settings ignoredchannels #channel - links and big messages will not get deleted while automod is enabled. .settings count #channel - here you can count and you can check the leaderboard by typing .countleaderboard or .clb .settings RandomPfps #channel - here the bot will send random profile pictures every 5 seconds, you can find the best to use. .settings LiveLeaderboard #channel - level live leaderboard this leaderboard will refresh every 1 minute.


🔓Admin⚒ settings, adminrole, serverstats, addrole, combo, automod, backup, add_to_all, disable-levels-to-channel, itunes, download, froze, levels-to-channel, ticket-setup, total-bans, unban, unfroze, warn, warnings, webhook, announce, antispam, ban, disable-antispam, disable-automod, everyone, here, hide, hideall, id, kick, lock, nickname, movetome, lockch, lockdown, lockonly, mute, nuke, oldest, report, role, send_ch, prefix, setup, showall, slowmode, snipe, tempmute, timear, unhide, unlock, unlockch, unlockdown, unlockonly, unmute, youngest

🎶Music🎵: play, pause, resume, skip, stop

👩‍💻Media🤳 docs, github, tweet, instagram, youtube

📉Leveling📊: leaderboard, rank

🎮Games🤖 hangman, score4, snake, trivia

🔥General🌮 beg, decode, binary, corona, bio, blocktext, calculator, cat, chat, clear, upurge, close, coinflip, deaf, dog, emoji, feedback, freezer, games, gayrate, gift, giveaway, help, hug, invite, invites, jail, jumbo, kiss, love, lyrics, members, meme, docs, github, tweet, instagram, youtube, joke, afk, anime, anonym, avatar, rate, beautiful, play, poll, dick, punch, rainbow, removerole, rgif , roles, say, send, serverinfo, setup-verify, setup-lvl-rewards, sh!, simprate, slap, speak, staff, steal, stype, suggest, ticket-, ticket, tickle, translate, trash, trigger, tts, type, undeaf, unverify, uptime, userinfo, verify, washstant, cc

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