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Math calculator, profile picture image modification, Minecraft and celebrity guessing games, typing races, smart auto mod, chatbot and more!


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Version 4 is out!

Same bot, drastically improved. We even added robbing! See the major changes here:


You are looking at the all-around Discord bot developed by bossbadi using Python 3. It is jam-packed with a plethora of features inspired from popular bots including an addictive economy system, image modification, guessing games, typing races, auto mod, chatbot and more! It has over 100 unique commands that can be used to liven up your servers. Oh, and a plus: it's verified by the Discord developer team so you know it's legit! Send %help to get started and you'll be glad you did.


Let's take a look at the music commands. Supported plugins include YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Twitch, Vimeo, Mixer, stream urls, and file uploads. When it comes to music, we've got you covered.

Command Description
join Join your voice channel
play Play a song from keywords, url, or file upload
search Search for a song or get the previous search results
queue Show/add song to the music queue
skip Skip to the next song in the queue
seek Skip to a specific time in the song
volume Show/change the volume (0 to 1000)
loop Toggle the player's loop
nowplaying Show the currently playing song
shuffle Randomize the order of songs in the queue
pop Remove a song from the queue
move Reposition a queued song
pause Pause audio
resume Resume audio
stop Stop audio
clear Clear the queue
leave Leave your voice channel and clear the queue
radio View the available radio stations/playlists


Moderate your server with ease. Ever had a time when you wanted to ban someone but couldn't think of an insult to tell the offender? Put --roast in the [reason] parameter for any user moderation command (such as ban) and the bot will DM the offender a random insult. Now you don't have to search one up!

Command Description
purge Advanced message deletion
mute Mute members
unmute Unmute members
kick Kick members from the server
ban Ban users from the server
unban Unban users from the server
slow Set the channel slowmode (max 6 hours)
rmr Remove all reactions from messages


Surprise your friends by adding filters, mods, and special effects to their profile pictures. The image argument can be a user mention, user ID, image url, or file upload. Get your images modified any way you choose!

Description Command
blueshift Produce a gentle night with a moonlight effect
blur Gaussian blur an image (basically blurring it)
border Idk just add a black border around the image
bright Discord light theme flashbacks...oww my eyes!
burn Burn the image like it just came out of the furnace
carve Carve the image on a gray surface
charcoal Sketch the image with a chunk of charcoal
circle Create a soft and blurry circle on the image
color Generate an image with your color
cube Turn a boring 2D image into a 3D cube
dark Turn the brightness down real low
dust Make your image look like brown dust
edge Detect edges on images with a simple convolution filter
emboss Generate a 3D print relief effect
floor It's tiled flooring but the tiles are your image
gray Grayscale an image (I know, everyone's least favorite)
invert Invert the colors (great for alt account avatars)
jail They broke the law. They pay the consequences.
kuwahara Add smoothing to reduce noise but preserve edges
noise Add bits of color over the image
photo Print the image on photographic paper
pixel Pixelate an image (like blurring but broader)
png Generate a PNG image with your text
rain It's raining, very sad times indeed...
ripple Create a ripple or wave effect with the image
sepia Give the image a brownish tone just like the early days
sharp Sharpen up an image making it more vivid
sketch Make it look like an artist sketched it
spray Give the image a spray-painted feel
suck Get sucked into a black hole at the center
swirl Create a whirlpool effect by rotating the pixels
thick Is it just me, or is that looking kind of thick?
tiedie Make your colorful image rainbow-looking and colorful
tilt Diagonally tilt the image, giving it a 3D look
triggered Well someone is triggered (returns a GIF)
updown Turn an image upside down, or 180 degrees


Earn coins by completing tasks of various difficulties ranging from baking foods and guessing celebrities to typing phrases and solving math problems. With enough coins, users can visit the shop to spend their earnings on cool items and rob coins from other members.

Command Description
balance See how rich someone is
inventory Look at someone's inventory
shop Visit the shop to spend your coins
rich Show the richest users in the server
minecraft Guess the Minecraft item and earn money
famous Get rewarded for knowing your celebrities
organic Get coins for knowing your fruits and veggies
quote Type a famous quote for decent pay
work Type two words for better pay
rob Rob coins from someone's wallet
buy Buy items from the shop
sell Sell items in your inventory
use Use the items you've purchased
bake Use your baking skills to make money
add Add two numbers for some money
subt Subtract two numbers and earn coins
mult Multiply two numbers and get paid
div Divide two numbers for some coins
sqrt Square roots yield extra coins
vote Vote for the bot and get rewarded


These are fun commands to experiment with when you're bored and have nothing to do, such as interacting with the chatbot.

Description Command
chat I know you're urging to speak with me
hack Realistically hack someone or something
emojify Transform text into thick, blue emoji
ascii Transform text into ascii-looking text
embed Embed an image upload, text, or both
say Make me repeat your message
fact Get a random interesting fact
eightball Bring your questions to the magic 8 ball
flip Flip a two-sided coin
roll Roll a six-sided die
random Get a random integer
meme Get a random meme just for you
animal See some cute animals
flame Get a random yo mama joke
roast Get a random insult

And More

Many interesting commands and features weren't described in detail here and it's up to you to discover them!

If you are experiencing any issues, never hesitate to contact the developer:
Email: [email protected]
Discord: bossbadi#3371
Support server:

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