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Languages are finally here! Welcome to a new version of ATN Bot! Change Log Edited the `e!mute` command, now if you want to mute a user forever you can just pass [User] as an argument. Added the `e!unmute` command, now you can FINALLY unmute a user lol Added `e!setlang` alias to the `e!setlanguage` command. Added a `rank` thingy in the `e!rank` command so you can see what is your position in the leaderboard/someone's position in the leaderboard. Added error event so now the bot will not crash randomly. Added `'s` after a target username in the `e!rank` command. Not a breaking change, but we got it. Bug fixes and performance improvements Fixed `e!help` command, there was a bug that was showing to use help information instead of info nothing much Fixed RAM usage, added CPU and Operating System in the `e!botinfo` command. Fixed 1273491739127390792073091730193 bugs. Fixed typos in rank command. Fixed bug where the rank position wasn't showing properly. Fixed commands in DM, now you can use some commands in DMs but most of them are guild only so I suggest you to use servers instead of DMs. Bug resetting level should be fixed Uninstalled a lot of useless packages to run ATN Bot faster than ever! Translated all the commands, now they support the following languages: it, en Translated all event files.


ATN Bot is a multipurpose english bot made to help servers that want a easy to use but useful bot! Type "e!help" to get every single command in the bot! And if you're having troubles, join the support server! If you think that you like this bot and want to support it for free, make sure to vote for us! Every support is appreciated! The bot is at the start so there'll be a lot of updates in the future!

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