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A simple and easy to use bot with fun commands for you to use. Including moderation, images and economy. More commands will be added soon


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Economy commands have now been added!


🌴 Commands


help [command] - Sends a list of all commands availible or it will send information about a certain command
ping - Sends the latency of Tropico in ms
serverinfo - Returns information about the server
botinfo - Returns basic information about the bot
whois [@user] - Returns information about yourself or a mentioned user
membercount - Returns the amount of members in the server
avatar [@user] - Sends avatar of yourself or mentioned user
uptime - Returns the uptime of Tropico


hug [@user] - gives a hug to the mentioned user
rps - play a game of rock paper scissors against the bot
wyr - returns a random would you rather question
number - returns a random number between two specified numbers or a random number between 1 and 1000000
decide [thing1] [thing2] - Allows you to decide between two things
reverse {text} - Returns the specified text back reversed
rps - allows you to decide between two different things


wallet - Returns the amount of money you have in your wallet
deposit {amount} - Deposits the specified amount of coins to your bank
withdraw {amount} - Withdraws the specified amount of coins from your bank
leaderboard - Shows who has the most coins in the server
give {@member} {amount} - Gives the specified amount of coins to the mentioned member
coinflip {amount} - Flips a coin to decide if you doubled your coins or lost them


fisheye - returns your avatar with the fisheye effect
achievement [text] - returns a Minecraft achievement with your specified text
meme - returns a random meme from Reddit
aww - returns an image from r/aww
dog - returns a random dog image
cat - returns a random cat image
owl - returns a random owl image


warn {@user} [reason] - Warns the mentioned member with the given reason
kick {@user} [reason] - Kicks mentioned user with given reason
ban {@user or userID} [reason] - Bans user by mention or by ID with given reason
unban {userID} [reason] - Unbans user by their ID
softban {@user or userID} [reason] - Bans and unbans user to clear 7 days worth of their messages
clear {number of messages} - Clears the specified amount of messages from the channel that the command is being used in
nickname {@user} {new name} - Changes nickname of mentioned user


slowmode {amount of time in seconds} - Sets the slowmode for the channel that the command is being used in to the specified amount
role {create, delete, add or remove} {@user} {role name} - This command can create & delete roles and add & remove roles from a mentioned member
giveaway {start} {channel} {time in s/m/h/d} {amount of winners} {prize} - Starts a giveaway with the given information
channel {create or delete} {text or voice} {channel name} - Creates or deletes a channel with the given channel type and name
invite - Sends an invite link for Tropico to the user
support - Sends user invite link to the development server (currently not working)

Syntax: { } = required | [ ] = optional

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