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IdentBot is a bot that is based around the functionality of retrieving television idents.








IdentBot is a bot that is based around the functionality of retrieving television idents.


IdentBot is a Discord bot heavily based around the functionality of retrieving idents from a directory of television channels.
Coded by p0werm3lon, development began in 2020 and halted around the end of December,
until the project continued somewhere around the beginning of 2021.

How and Why it Started

IdentBot was originally made with the idea in mind that you'd be able to find an ident easily and discuss it with your friends.
Putting this concept as a Discord bot worked well, and was eventually how it came around.
However, eventually news came in December 2020 that one of the greatest English designers,
Martin Lambie-Nairn had passed away. It was only a favourable idea that IdentBot was instead,
a tribute to him, and his great works for BBC, Channel 4, and many others.

Community-built directory

You can request idents to be added to the bot, if you feel as if anything is missing.
There is a form you can get a link to and fill out by using idb.request in any text channel.
Each ident added is a contribution to the bot. We appreciate any requests we receive.

Unique commands

Considering IdentBot is not meant to be for moderation, music, or anything generic, the commands
that are present in the bot are meant to be ident/television related. You may see some
generic commands such as ping, help, commands, or others, but practically, they are a necessity
for all Discord bots.


I would like to apologise for any inconvenience that is caused when the Spotify command does not reply.
It seems the API I am using seems to stop working after a while of the bot's uptime.

We do not keep any data

As you may notice, the reith command must save an image that contains user-inputted text.
Once this image is sent, it is deleted right after. We do not permanently store any images that are generated.
Thank you for understanding.

If you have any other questions, you can join the (incomplete) support server for IdentBot.
Thank you for reading!

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