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A funny christian inspired bot that gets you memes, bible verses and replies to questions how Jesus would reply.







This is Jesus Craft, the true and only Christian Discord bot

This is what the Lord can do for you (you can use !help to get this information on Discord):

  • Filters words that are not approved by the Holy Church.
  • Salutes all who are worthy enough and condemns sins.
  • Dabs for your sins.
  • !bible or !verse gets yourself a bible verse.
  • Use ask jesus to ask the Lord any question.
  • Start a sentence with wwjd to know what Jesus would do.
  • You can ask me to get you a meme, but remember to always say please.
  • !ping sends a ping to the server.
  • Use send bass to get some 🅱️ass sent to you.
  • Say bass to get the Holy Slapp.
  • You can ask me to send you a song and I'll show you some true church-approved bangers.
  • Type !info to get the latest JC's info.
  • Type !servergraph or !dabcount to get an overview of JC's presence.

More to come...

To add Jesus Craft to your server click here:

For any issue with Jesus Craft, you can contact the developer at @Güi#1406. Reporting bugs and weird interactions appreciated!

Feel free to join JC's community at Suggestions welcome!

Jesus Craft is live in more than 100 servers, you can buy the developers a coffee to keep it running at

v1.3 ©2020 The Boys

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