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Helix bot is a multipurpose bot including, moderation, fun, music and utility uses.



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Hello this is my first Discord.js bot It's a multi-purpose bot, it has 35 commands! it can do things like:

Show your weather.It can ban & kick users.Show Covid-19 Stats. It can play music! It can post memes! It can post random images from r/madlads,r/wooosh,r/hmmmm,etc. It can also make your texts more fun with ASCII and claps! It can provide a topic to talk about if chats a bit dead...

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avatar of Live Wire
Live Wire 8 days ago

5 star bot. The commands are great and the bot works extremely well and fast. I like it more than MEE6, without a doubt.


avatar of Guacthemole15
Guacthemole15 8 days ago

This bot is extremely useful in many different arenas and works extremely well, also I agree that it is better than some other bots including mee6