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PKMN Idle Trainer brings a new way to play pokemon on discord!


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PKMN Idle Trainer - Not a normal pokemon bot.

The PKMN Idle trainer requires that you setup a log output channel in your server. This can be done using the i!channel [#channel-name] command. Once completed, use the command i!start to start your adventure. Your characters actions will be logged in the channel you setup with the i!channel command in the beginning.

This bot is all RNG, meaning all your actions are decided at the role of the dice. Your character will explore the pokemon world in an attempt to capture them all. Once achieving a 100% pokedex for the region you can fly to the next! While exploring you may even battle gyms and earn badges!

Compete with your friends and see how far you can get in the pokemon world. Users have limited interactions with their characters but you will need to be sure that you keep your pokeballs stocked up or you may not catch anything.

Once you have a pokemon you wont catch another of that kind unless its shiny! Did I mention we have higher shiny rates? Show off your shiny pokemon with your friends! Idle area based PVP is coming soon so keep an eye out!

If you want to see more than whats just happening with your servers members, join the official support server and see whats happening around the pokemon world for everybody!

Commands: Do not include [] in commands.

  • i!help
    • i!help settings
    • i!help user
    • i!help item
  • i!ping Check bot latency
  • i!prefix [new prefix] Change the prefix for the bot
  • i!channel [#channel name] Choose the log channel for the bot
  • i!start Start your characters journey
  • i!me Check your progress
  • i!poke [page] Check your pokemon
    • i!poke shiny [page]
    • i!poke legend [page]
    • i!poke mythic [page]
    • i!poke fav [page]
    • i!poke [region] [page]
  • i!select [id] Select a partner pokemon
  • i!fav [id] Favorite a pokemon
  • i!nick [new trainer name] Change your trainer name
  • i!fly [region] Fly to a different region, requires completed region dex
  • i!mart Check the pokemart
  • i!buy [item name] [qty] Buy an item
  • i!sell [item name] [qty] Sell an item
  • i!bag [page] Check your bag
  • i!daily Claim daily reward, resets midnight server time
  • i!bal Check your balance
  • i!lotto Check the lotto
    • i!lotto join Join the lotto
  • i!daycare Check the pokemon in your daycare
    • i!daycare treat [id] Care for the pokemon in your daycare
    • i!daycare play [id] Care for the pokemon in your daycare
  • i!claimvote Claim vote rewards

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