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Buddy bot

It is a cool moderator bot with some commands also and my social may be in there and the bot is cool






Buddy bot!

Buddy bot is being update over time!


It is a fun moderator bot with some cool commands and it works well and coding the software it runs on took a lot time to make this bot but it works and I hope you all will like my bot as it has cool stuff and making a bt takes time and sometimes money to host it and I am trying to get working right now for saftey and hope you all like my bot and hope this can work and I can share my bot on here and it is a cool bots and I hope you inbvited me to your sever!!! Buddy Bot, is a bot that has moderation commands, fun commands and more! Please use, ?help for help on how to use the bot, with more description and commands! I add more commands daily, so be on the lookout for new updates for the bot! https://classroom.google.com/c/MjIyNzM1NDc2Njg1?cjc=jzax7o4 to join our google classroom for updates and appilcations!! :)

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