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A Discord Bot based on the AnimeMusicQuiz (AMQ) game! Guess the anime by its opening or ending music and with different gamemodes!


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Ritsu V3 Public Beta

Heyo! The new major release is in currently public beta! Fully rewrited in TypeScript and Eris, match configuration improvements, hints, new leaderboards and more! Join the support server and give a try! Your feedback is really appreciated! Thanks for the 1,000 guilds! https://discord.gg/XuDysZg



A Discord Bot based on the AnimeMusicQuiz (AMQ) game✨


Ritsu is a Discord Bot based on the game AnimeMusicQuiz (AMQ), the famous game of guessing anime by its opening or ending song.

  • Over 13,000 OP/EDs from different animes.
  • Different Gamemodes and difficulties (easy, hard, normal, season and etc)
  • Multilanguage (https://crowdin.com/project/ritsu)
  • Play using your MyAnimeList or Anilist animelist.
  • Leaderboard/Ranking, be the biggest guesser in the world! (actually...only at Ritsu)

Support, Issues and Bugs

You can get support, ask your questions, report bugs and more on my support server. Invite

In addition to always being up to date on downtimes and updates 🙌


If it weren't for them, maybe Ritsu wouldn't even exist (or development would be much more complicated).

https://animethemes.moe -> Main repository of OP/EDs used in Ritsu, covering about 90% of the collection.

https://openings.moe -> Secondary repository used at Ritsu, covers 10% of the entire collection.

https://animemusicquiz.com -> Inspiration for several things at Ritsu and the game itself.

https://github.com/LeNitrous/kyuu-chan-hackweek -> Ritsu's V1 was based on his code, nothing more fair than leaving the credits.

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