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🐻 Yet, another discord bot, let me help you nourish your discord experience! With Utility | Moderation | Music | Config and much more.


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✅ | What can Ham do?

Ham? Ham can do numerous things, probably everything you need! Most bots don't have much customization in them, but not Ham.

ğŸŽƒ | That's all

  • Of course not, we are not like some bots who don't prefer suggestions from their users. Well Ham is, drop in and suggest us something and we'll look into it!
  • We widely accept command suggestions so that people are able to use specific features that they'd like Ham to have. You can suggest by dropping in the support server

📣 | Support

  • We ascertain that the quality of assistance that we provide is what everyone deserves. please note this bot has not yet been completed, so there will not be all of the features included in the short description.
  • To reach our Support team, join our Support Server.

🧭 | Want to endeavor out the other features?

👀 | Invite Ham NOW!

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