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The Bot can play Lofi music 24/7 in server and plays music from youtube






You can use this bot in any server like study,gaming etc plays lofi beats 24/7 in server . plays music from youtube.


  1. 24/7 mode
  2. Leave
  3. Vote

here are commands

$help Opens this help menu.

$helpme Sends you the help menu on DM.

$invite Invite Bot to your server !

$play <songname/URL> Plays the song searched for (or) plays from the URL directly.

$lofi Play Lo-Fi music 24*7

$search Searches for top 10 results on youtube, you can then choose what to play.

$skip Skips the currently playing song.

$pause Pauses the currently playing song.

$resume Resumes the currently paused song.

$stop Pauses the curently playing song.

$queue Displays the song queue.

$volume Changes the volume to a value between 1-100%.

$nowplaying Shows the song that is currently playing.

$bruh Try it to find out!

$count Check out our user base!

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