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Server Manager provides Servers with awesome free features! Logging • High Quality Music • Level System • Moderation • Entertainment & more!


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Welcome to Server Manager!

Server Manager provides your Discord Server with awesome features! The following features are currently implemented or will be implemented in the furture.

Feature Description Implemented
Moderation Banning, Kicking, Warning users. YES
Leveling Users are rewarded for talking in your Discord Server. YES
Logging User and Server Information, Create Remove and Update for Channels. YES
Music High Quality Music with YouTube. YES
Role Management New Members Role, Level Role (Lvl. 5, Lvl. 10, Lvl. 15, Lvl. 20, Lvl. 25, ...). YES / NO
Giveaways Create giveaways for your Discord Server. YES
Polls Create polls for your Discord Server. YES
Entertainment Play games with your Discord Server. NO
Localization Change the language of the bot for your Discord Server. NO

Note: Not everthing is implemented yet!

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