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Faceit stats tracker for discord. Csgo & dota 2 stats: elo, lvl, winrate %, total maches, total wins, average kd and gold per minute!


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Very easy to use bot to check faceit stats on discord! Check your friends stats or your own on discord!

Remember to give the bot permissions to talk in the channel you are using commands if its not already on! otherwise it wont work

Note: Bot is not fully finished so some functions can fail sometimes or maybe your profile or team cannot be found & !team function works only with csgo teams currently!

Example commands :

!faceit Uuberr csgo

Will return Uuberr's faceit elo, faceit level, winrate %, total maches, total wins and average k/d ratio!

!faceit Nickname dota2 (i dont play dota so ill just use Nickname as my nick)

Will return Nickname's faceit elo, faceit level, winrate %, total matches, average k/d and gold per minute

Both commands return stats all in one nicely styled embed message!

Team function is currently disabled.

Im sorry but team function is disabled for some time now it can take from days to weeks. Im currently trying to rebuild it and make it more advanced and fixing lot of bugs and errors ive been getting lately

!faceit team (Your Team name)

Will return team player nicknames, elos and total elos

!total will return message "The bot is online in x servers"

!botserverdata only available to owner of the bot!

!help command will help you to get started

For help dm me Uuber#4023 or join the support server! REMEMBER : CAPS does matter example your faceit nickname is xX_360NoScoPe_Xx bot wont find xx_360noscope_xx!

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after adding the user to the save list, I can't see updates for that user anymore, just loading stats. but rest unsaved users stats are viewable.

Faceit stats
Faceit stats

Hey! Sorry but i dont really understand what do you mean by adding the user to the save list? Could you please describe it more detailed?