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Sure is a Multipurpose to help your Discord Server and entertain your community! | Fun | Utility | Music | Moderation | Image


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20,000 Users!

Sure has reached 20,000 total users from all servers! Thank you guys so much, It wouldn't have been possible with the help of all of you guys!



Sure is a Multipurpose to help your Discord Server!

With over 70+ Commands (Don't worry we are still adding more!)

Always Online You don't have to worry about seeing offline bots in your Discord Server (If you see any outages 99% we are working on new features or the host has problems!)

| NOTICE: Sure is still under Development so there will be new commands every often or so, but if you see any bugs please join the Support Server

To get started

s!help To get the list of the commands.

s!setprefix {prefix} To change the prefix.


Fun commands Sure has many fun commands to make sure your community stays entertained!

Moderation commands Sure has many moderation tools to make sure the naughty members stay out!

Music commands Sure has many music commands to make your community vibe to!

Utility commands Sure has many utility tools to get some information!

Configuration commands Sure allows you to change the bots settings the way you desire!

Crypto commands Sure allows you to see the prices of crypto coins!

Image commands Fun image commands to entertain you community!


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