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A Discord Bot which tells you ALL FaceIT CSGO stats! Including Map Stats, your latest game, your last 20 games, top 15, hubs and much more!!


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The best FaceIT Bot known to this day! This Bot has everything:
  • Lifetime Stats
  • Last 20 Games (or even more!)
  • Map Stats
  • Latest Game
  • Hub information
  • Team information
  • Leaderboard in a country or region
  • FPL EU/US leaderboard
  • Other games stats (PUBG, R6S, Dota)
Most commands show K/D, K/R, Headshot and HS%, Elo and a cool Elo Graph, HLTV 1.0 Rating, Winrate and much more...

The Bot can even
  • Save your FaceIT Name when you are a Voter!

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    If you like my work you can also Donate!

  • Manage a Role System which automatically assigns and updates Roles according to the FaceIT Levels of your Members!
  • Change other Settings like prefix, banning channels and more!

Just try it! Invite it today! (Use .faceithelp if you need help!)

.faceit 'name'
Click to show all Commands!


Command Function
.faceit 'name' will show you your lifetime stats.
.faceit 'name' latest will show you stats about your last game.
.faceit 'name' 'map' will show you your performance in a specific map.
.faceit 'name' last (opt: amount of games) Shows your Stats for your last games (standard: 15)
.faceitrank 'region' (opt: country) shows top 15 of your region / country (ex: .faceitrank eu de).
.faceit 'name' rainbow/pubg/dota Shows your Stats from other games
.faceitrank fpl eu/us shows current leaderboard of the FPL in the us/eu.
.faceithub 'hub' shows information and leaderboard of a specific FaceIT hub.
.faceitteams 'team' shows information of a FaceIT Teams
.faceitrole 'name' automatically assigns role fitting to your FaceIT level!
⭐ .faceitsave 'name' to save you FaceIT Name. ONLY for voters
🔑 .faceitsettings shows settings for discord server admins (prefix and more!)


Some nice information :)

FaceIT name is case-sensetive.
If you write your name only a bit wrong, the bot searches for a player which comes closest to your query.
For exampe: .faceit KENNYs (does not exist). Bot searches for the player and will find the real kennyS (kennyS-)
Supported maps: dust2, mirage, vertigo, nuke, inferno, cache, overpass, train Voters at top.gg can use .faceitsave.
The command will allow you to save a FaceIT Name to your Discord profile. After that, you only need to write .faceit too see the stats about the saved player.
I would be really happy if you vote :)

Server Owners can change some settings:
You can activate a shorter command for the bot. When activated, the bot will also listen to .f.
You can disallow a user from using the bot for what ever reason. You can change the bot prefix!
You can add K/Ds to the Last 20 Games graph! You can activate the role assign feature here!
Just try it! its .faceitsettings! I am going to add some more settings in the future.
Need some help with the rolesystem? Here is some Help!

Also Donating would help me out <3


You found a bug? Please join my Discord Server and report it to me :)
Known Bugs:
For some players "last 99" (or other number) does not work because they played a game which does not affect the elo (like a 1v1 hub) in the last 99 games. These games cant be involved in the equation -> not fixable.


FaceItBot (and its nicknames) is a third-party application and not affiliated with FACEIT.Privacy Policy

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very useful bot


when we the auto role assign be up ?


Its already done we just need to wait to get the Member-Intent from Discord. Because they are in vacation it is taking more time than expected


Nice bot, like it! <3


When it will be verified? it's been 5 days already :(


Dont know man. Discord needs some time i think. Maybe next week?