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CCG Angel update 1.3.4

➔Minor improvements to the music commands. ➔New 8ball command! Ask it a question ➔Help command has been overhauled! Let us know what you think! ➔Potentially fixed issue with the bot status disappearing. ➔Hack command has been added! Go hack your friend, or enemies! ➔Added an >avatar command. Use this to see someone's avatar picture on discord. ➔Added an >uptime command. Use this to check the uptime of the bot. ***Bugs and issues can be reported on our support server!***


This bot plays music, clears messages, kicks players and more!

All our commands available right now can be found by using >help. This list will be updated once we add a new working feature to the bot. You can also help by suggesting new ideas and reporting any potential bugs!

Visit our discord announcement page to see latest updates and changelogs.

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