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A bot that creates private (or public) channels for people to talk in! (original bot discontinued by Gnome!#6669)

This is a replacement for the "Channel Maker" bot made by Gnome!#6669. After they discontinued the original, I was given the source code and authorised to host a replacement. Help message (accessible with c!help): Main Help Note: You need Manage Channels to do anything to public channel (create/delete). Other Note: You need to use Channel ID to do anything to a voice channel (add/delete).

c!create text name [person1, person2, ...] (-public) Makes a private text channel with the people you mention! c!create voice name [person1, person2, ...] (-public) Makes a private voice channel with the people you mention! c!delete #channel Deletes a Channel Maker made Text Channel that you have access to. c!add #channel [person1, person2, ...] and c!remove #channel [person1, person2, ...] Adds or removes the people you mention to/from a channel. c!lock (#channel) and c!unlock (#channel) Locks and unlocks a public channel.

Universal Commands c!help: Shows this message c!suggest suggestion: Use to suggest new features for the bot. c!invite: Sends Channel Maker 2's invite link

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Militia21 6 days ago

I am the first one to vote and review this bot! It just got approved by top.gg, congrats to all the effort you put in!