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Global Economy, Epic Items, Games, Super Fun with so much users. We also have image generator, memes & some extra other commands.


, or @Scope Bot (Customizable)

Important Notice!

Scope Bot is now under development project. As a result, you may have some problems using Scope Bot. (e.g. Ping Issue, API Issue, Database Isse etc.)


Getting Started

Invite Scope Bot to your server.

Scope Bot's prefix can be changed by using the ,prefix [new_prefix] command and replacing [new_prefix] with your desired prefix. The default prefix is , and it will be used in this wiki. Mentioning Scope Bot can also be used as a prefix e.g. @Scope Bot prefix [new_prefix].

Type ,help or ,help [command_name] in a server with Scope Bot for a list of commands and command usage instructions.

Scope Bot

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