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Automates resource conversion calculations in EPIC RPG. Convert individual items or your entire inventory to a particular resource type.







This bot is now in 100 servers, which means that it must be verified before it can be added to more. I am not willing to send any personal identification to discord for this verification process, so if you are not able to invite the bot to your server, you can always try to host your own version following the instructions on Github (https://github.com/Chris1221/epic_rpg_converter). Thank you everyone for the support, and my apologies for Discord's draconian verification system.

Announcement Published

Crafting items in Epic RPG requires converting between many different resource types, resulting in many tedious calculations. This bot completely automates the process of converting resources by telling you:

  1. How many of a certain item can craft a different item (i.e. if I have 200 apples, how many hyper logs can I craft?)
  2. How much of a certain item you could make out of your entire inventory (i.e. how many fish would I have if I converted every other item in my inventory to fish?)

Because trade rates are different between areas (and some trades are completely not allowed, like apples to logs in area 1), the bot also takes account of what area you are in.

NOTE: This bot cannot actually perform the conversions for you, that would be against Discord's ToS. Instead, it tells you how many items you could create, so that you can make better decisions and weigh options.

Important Information

  • Item names use dashes, not spaces. I.e. epic-fish not epic fish.
  • Set your area before you try to do any trades. Some things are impossible.
  • Before using inventory commands, you must run rpg inv to show or update the bot's version of your inventory. It can't read your mind.

Quick Commands

Convert n of item1 to item2:

!CONV 50000 log epic-fish

Convert your whole inventory to a single item:

!CONV all hyper-log

Convert your whole inventory of item1 to item2 (aka inv):

!CONV all ruby hyper-log

Change area to x:

!CONV area 7

See your user data:

!CONV user

Vote for the bot:

!CONV vote

More help

See the more detailed version of this menu with !CONV help more or check out the source code on Github.

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