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Schedule events on Discord. Automatic time zone conversions, 1-click RSVPs/signups, reminders, calendar sync, notifications, etc.


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Get Together Sooner with Groupflows

Groupflows is a simple scheduling bot with a powerful time zone converter, event reminders, and a full-featured web interface.

Automatic time zone conversions
  • Event times are displayed in your local time zone automatically
  • Groupflows handles every time zone in the world
Recurrent and one-off events
  • Create one-off events in Discord with a single-line command
  • Make recurring events in the Groupflows interface for free
  • Let people RSVP to events by clicking on customizable emojis
  • Set event reminders to notify people who signed up
Access a Full-Featured Web Interface
Find the best meeting times
  • See exactly who’s available or unavailable at any given time
  • Meeting times are saved so you can use them in the future
Create and edit events
  • Click on suggested times to create events
  • Edit times and events with a variety of flexible time formats
Set event reminders
  • Schedule automatic event reminders to @notify attendees
  • Control the channels where reminders are posted
See Interactive Example



Create an event and set a reminder for it with a single command. Premium users can add images to their events.

Bot-generated event posts include:

  • The event time, auto-converted across time zones
  • A link which adds the event to your Google Calendar
  • Emojis to RSVP as "Going", "Not Going", or "Maybe"
  • Premium users can customize signup options and add more

If an event overlaps with a time people are free on your Groupflows page they'll be @notified and listed in the "Maybe" category.


List the next upcoming events scheduled for your server.

You can type "/next" by itself to get the full details of the soonest upcoming event, or you can add a number to list multiple events.

For example, if you write "/next 3" the names and times of 3 events will appear. You can click each name to see the full event details.


Post the link to your server’s Groupflows page.

/help or /gf-help

Post a comment that lists all of the bot’s commands.

Do you have questions or suggestions? Post on our Discord server!

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