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A multipurpose bot built for little and middle sized servers!



New commands

A whole lot of new commands is coming soon! Be ready!


The Sputnik bot:

The bot you didn't know you needed:

A multi-purpose bot which contains numerous features for moderation, fun and pleasure. It can repeat wha you write, it can give information on a user or a server, etc...

A changing bot:

The Sputnik bot is constantly updated, with new features, as well as for removing th little bugs that didn't catch our attention. It is practically always online, making it very easy to work with.

And if I still have a problem?

You can always use the !helpcommand for more informaton about the bot's commands, or open a ticket in the bot's support server to speak with one of the developpers. You can also check the bot's website!

his is a multipurpose bot built for little and middle sized servers! It has various features for moderation and fun. Soon, it will also become a currency bot, with the Sputnies, the bot's currency! Here are the commands for now: kick, ping, help, say, and version This bot has two support servers: The LionDevelopment server, and the GTD server Made by LionDevelopment and GTD

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