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Funny commands, moderation commands, full information commands and meme commands. With retro king you have the retro crown !



Sample Servers


You can ping Retro King for all the commands !

Announcement published

Type rt!commands in a channel for all the commands

You can also ping Retro King for the prefix and the commands

Moderation commands

rt!ban (user) (reason) - Ban someone

rt!kick (user) (reason) - Kick someone

rt!warn (user) (reason) - Warn someone

rt!warnings (user) - See all the warn(s) of a user

rt!clear (number) - Clear a number of message(s)

Support commands

rt!support - The support server

rt!creator - The creator of the bot and the server

rt!social - Social networks of the creator

rt!website - The website of Retro King

rt!vote - Vote for Retro King on top.gg

rt!twitter - The official twitter of King Developement

Information commands

rt!server - Full server information

rt!members - Number of member(s) in the server

rt!servericon - The server icon

rt!icon - Your icon

rt!owner - The owner of the server

Funny commands

rt!search meme - Meme command (imgur)

rt!search (category picture name) - Search a picture (imgur)

rt!king - The king of the server

rt!me - Who are you ?

rt!pepe - Generate random pepe/peepo picture

rt!say (message) - make the bot say what you want

rt!translate (language to translate) (message) - Translate a message

rt!top - A top 10 of the most cool bot on discord

rt!rickroll - You have been rick rolled

rt!ok - Just ok

rt!bruh - Just bruh

rt!cool - Are you cool or no ?

rt!tableflip - Flip the table

rt!unflip - Unflip the table

Other commands

rt!ping - The ping of the server and bot

rt!twitch (twitch channel) - Search a twitch channel

rt!suggest (suggestion) - Suggest something

rt!invite - The invite to add retro king on server(s)

rt!tos - Discord ToS

rt!pfp - Want the same pfp of Retro King ?

rt!about - About Retro King

rt!verify - When Retro King gonna be verified ?

rt!music - If the music command is disabled / enabled

rt!goal - The goal of Retro King

rt!cool - Are you cool or no ?

rt!badge - Badge list (information)

rt!memeslist - Memes list to create a meme

rt!creatememe (#id) text1, text2 - Create a meme

rt!premium - Want to buy Retro King premium ?

rt!status (new status) - change the status of Retro King (premium user only)

Auto moderation

Delete automatically n word message [ignore admin - bot]

Thanks for using Retro King !

User Reviews


Based on 17 reviews

avatar of Darkflow
Darkflow 1 month ago

Really nice bot, a good variety of commands and that can replace multiple bots, all in one. Keep the good work!


avatar of blix 🎄
blix 🎄 1 month ago

Amazing, no glitches at all, All commands are very useful.


avatar of jamez
jamez 1 month ago

it is a very useful bot with almost all the commands, they are very cool and useful, and epic


avatar of Jacob <3
Jacob <3 1 month ago

Very good, no glitches or anything. Very useful, I love it!


avatar of R A Y
R A Y 1 month ago

This bot literally has all the things that separate bots have and it can cut down bots in your server and it’s easy to use! I suggest you should add this bot to your server!


avatar of iiKinqbear🐑
iiKinqbear🐑 1 month ago

This bot is actually pretty great, there are a lot of cool commands and they are very easy to use 10/10 overall, keep up the great work!


avatar of ShadowZ
ShadowZ 1 month ago

Nice bot, easy to use, It's one of my main bots. Thanks!


avatar of bodie
bodie 1 month ago

Amazing bot, so many commands that can replace multiple bots. AMAZING, KEEP IT UP!


avatar of LoneDose
LoneDose 11 days ago

great bot, 10/10 on both moderation and the information commands


avatar of Λlex
Λlex 1 month ago

vrémant trauh nul le pote il m'as réde la nwit mè jaim leuh logo (ke jé voler kel tug) donk je mais 5 etouales

avatar of Retro King
Retro King 1 month ago

mérci pourr lé 5 etoille qan méme

Replying to Λlex

avatar of SetItOnZygote
SetItOnZygote 1 month ago

It best bot cuz it's pog and have best cmds pog


avatar of LovePug<3
LovePug<3 1 month ago

Love this bot easy to use and funny