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Retro King

Funny commands, moderation commands, full information commands and meme commands. With retro king you have the retro crown !

Type rt!commands in a channel for all the commands

You can also ping Retro King for the prefix and the commands

Retro King can join a limit of 250 servers, if you see is on 250 servers wait for the verification (1 - 2 week)

Moderation commands

rt!ban (user) (reason) - Ban someone

rt!kick (user) (reason) - Kick someone

rt!mute (user) - Mute someone

rt!unmute (user) - Unmute someone

rt!warn (user) (reason) - Warn someone

rt!warnings (user) - See all the warn(s) of a user

rt!clear (number) - Clear a number of message(s)

Support commands

rt!support - The support server

rt!creator - The creator of the bot and the server

rt!social - Social networks of the creator

rt!website - The website of Retro King

rt!vote - Vote for Retro King on top.gg

rt!twitter - The official twitter of King Developement

Information commands

rt!server - Full server information

rt!members - Number of member(s) in the server

rt!servericon - The server icon

rt!icon - Your icon

rt!owner - The owner of the server

Funny commands

rt!search meme - Meme command (imgur)

rt!search (category picture name) - Search a picture (imgur)

rt!king - The king of the server

rt!me - Who are you ?

rt!pepe - Generate random pepe/peepo picture

rt!say (message) - make the bot say what you want

rt!translate (language to translate) (message) - Translate a message

rt!top - A top 10 of the most cool bot on discord

rt!rickroll - You have been rick rolled

rt!ok - Just ok

rt!bruh - Just bruh

rt!cool - Are you cool or no ?

rt!tableflip - Flip the table

rt!unflip - Unflip the table

Other commands

rt!ping - The ping of the server and bot

rt!twitch (twitch channel) - Search a twitch channel

rt!youtube (video name) - Search a youtube video

rt!suggest (suggestion) - Suggest something

rt!invite - The invite to add retro king on server(s)

rt!tos - Discord ToS

rt!pfp - Want the same pfp of Retro King ?

rt!about - About Retro King

rt!verify - When Retro King gonna be verified ?

rt!music - If the music command is disabled / enabled

rt!urban [word] - Search a definition of a word on urban

rt!goal - The goal of Retro King

rt!cool - Are you cool or no ?

rt!badge - Badge list (information)

Auto moderation

Delete automatically n word message [ignore admin - bot]

Thanks for using Retro King !

User Reviews


Based on 12 reviews

avatar of HyperZ
HyperZ 4 days ago

Really nice bot, a good variety of commands and that can replace multiple bots, all in one. Keep the good work!


avatar of blix ๐ŸŽ„
blix ๐ŸŽ„ 4 days ago

Amazing, no glitches at all, All commands are very useful.


avatar of Spooky the Spider (Jacob)
Spooky the Spider (Jacob) 4 days ago

Very good, no glitches or anything. Very useful, I love it!


avatar of RayhaanPlayz
RayhaanPlayz 4 days ago

This bot literally has all the things that separate bots have and it can cut down bots in your server and itโ€™s easy to use! I suggest you should add this bot to your server!


avatar of DerekTheKing
DerekTheKing 4 days ago

Great bot and it has some funny commands


avatar of Nexielder
Nexielder 4 days ago

God tier bot. yes yes


avatar of AntiChronic
AntiChronic 4 days ago

Actually really good!


avatar of iiKinqbear๐Ÿ‘
iiKinqbear๐Ÿ‘ 2 days ago

This bot is actually pretty great, there are a lot of cool commands and they are very easy to use 10/10 overall, keep up the great work!


avatar of Detective Oooofa
Detective Oooofa 4 days ago

So far no glitches found its also easy to use.


avatar of ShadowZ
ShadowZ 21 hours ago

Nice bot, easy to use, It's one of my main bots. Thanks!


avatar of gamerglitter
gamerglitter 4 days ago

This bot is very simple and useful. 5/5


avatar of LovePug<3
LovePug<3 4 days ago

Love this bot easy to use and funny