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My bot is good for moderation and info



The AdrianBot is a multi-feature Bot with amazing Features to boost up your Discord Server. Also features like moderation, custom prefix and info! There will be more featers after some time. I'm AdrianGaming147#6969 and I'm a solo Coder but I'm trying to add more features everyday and try to make my bot better everyday. I hope you like me Bot and support me by using it on your Server. Here are some Features:

  • +help | List of all commands
  • +mod help | Display all moderation Command
  • +info help | Display all informations Commands
  • +settings | You can change settings of my bot (currently you can set only custom prefix with +setprefix)

Some other usefull info:

  • Bot language: English
  • To get info about updates join my server

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