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Fact bot

Cool bot coded just for fun, which can give you facts, some fun commands and memes! Now verified by Discord!



This is the first bot I ever coded, and I will continue updating it. Some cool commands commands:

fart fact kill stonks and much much more! All commands can be seen with f!help command

Commands are added on daily basis and bot is being updated every day. By inviting the bot, and voting for it you support the development of the bot!

Have any ideas or feedback? Run f!feedback command and leave us a feedback <3 Fact bot is verified by Discord!

The bot is currently 100% free!

Note from delevloper: This is the first bot I ever made and I made all of these commands in first week I started coding, so I think I will make this bot better, and better and better as I learn more about discord.js.

The cool feature about Fact bot is that we have feedback command, which sends feedback directly to developers! You can suggest something or leave a feedback by simply using f!feedback command, no need to join any servers or leave feedback on the website!

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