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Shymon Says

A simple discord bot to host Automatic Simon Says events in your server for FREE!


s! / Custom Prefix / @Shymon Says




Custom Prefixes and Bug Fixes

You can now have custom prefix for your server! Use "s!prefix <new-prefix>" to change it! Also, if you ever forget the bot's prefix, you can just mention the bot to know. Games will now automatically end, if there is only one competitor remaining. We also have a ping command now.

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What is Shymon Says?

Shymon says is a discord bot focused on hosting Simon Says events around the clock for FREE!

How to set it up?

It's pretty simple to setup, you just have to run s!settings, and it would give you many options to customize before starting. Then you may run s!settings queue which would start queuing events for you and start holding event.


Shymon Says allows many features to be customized like competitor and simon roles (s!settings competitor/simon), game channel (s!settings channel), elimination messages (s!settings elim), minimum players (s!settings minplayers), maximum players (s!settings maxplayers), custom prefix (s!prefix) and bot manager role (s!settings botmanager)!

Win Roles

Win Roles are roles which server members can claim after they get a certain amount of wins. Use s!winrole to set these roles. Server members can use s!claim to claim these roles. This makes the server super active.

Other Small Features

  • s!check Checks for number of competitors. If 1, ends the game.
  • s!queue Enable/Disable Queueing.
  • s!newcontroller Chooses a competitor as simon.
  • s!guide A small guide for new players.
  • s!invite Provides an invite link for the bot.

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