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Raine is a multi-purpose discord bot with moderation features, high uptime and a devoted developer.


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Recent Changes

- Raine's utility code has been tidied up completely, and now has less of a footprint on the bots memory usage. - AntiRaid V2 is planned alongside Raine's V3 Rewrite, which will run using less caching alongside new automoderation tools for your server. - The weather command has been removed due to lack of usage and not being necessary for Raine anymore - The statistics command has been polished up and now allows for all users to see Raine's free and used memory/CPU.


Raine is a multi-purpose discord bot that offers 99.9% uptime hosted on a dedicated scalable server.

Offering a fully polished moderation module, allowing for you to have full control over your server and it's punishments, and highly configure moderation settings.

Raine offers many other commands too which are built to be easily understood and used, with a fully written documentation.

Quick Links: https://foxgirls.cc/discord - Discord Server https://github.com/raine-discord/issues - Issues Repository

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