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MODERATION | FUN | MUSIC | ECONOMY | TICKET-SYSTEM - X-FACTOR is a most powerful discord bot that will make your server much more fun!



X-FACTOR is a most powerful discord bot that will help you with your server! It has Music Commands, Moderation Commands, Fun Commands, Economy Commands, Bot-Creation Commands, Ticket-System, Application Commands and Suggestion Commands too!

Music Commands:

autoplay(Enables autoplay - random similar songs)

filter(Add custom filter)

fast-forward(Forwards the Song forward: seconds)

loop(Enables loop for 0:off / 1:song / 2:queue)

jump(Jump to a song in the Queue)

nowplaying(Shows current song)

pause(Pauses the song)

play(Play song from youtube)

playskip(Plays new song and skips current)

queue(Shows current Queue)

replay(Replays the current song)

resume(Resume the song)

rewind(Rewinds the Song back: seconds)

search(Searches for 5 results, in youtube)

seek(Moves in the Song in: seconds)

shuffle(Shuffles the queue)

skip(Skips current song)

stop(Stops playing and leaves the channel)

volume(Changes volume)

and more...

Moderation Commands:

anti-join(Set anti-join system for your server.No one can join ur server)

anti-spam(Set antispam system for your server)

antiswear(Blacklist a word or remove a word from blacklist)

auto-role(Automatically assigns roles to new members)

clear(Clear messages)

mute(Mute system)

warn(Warning system)

and more....

Fun Commands:

advise(The bot will tell you a random advice)

binary(Binary commands (encode,decode))

dailyfacts(Daily Facts)

marry(Marry someone)

divorce(Give divorce someone)

meme(Get a random meme)

emojify(Text to emoji converter)

and more...

Bot-Creation Commands:

discordjs(The Perfect Template for a Discord.js Bot! With automatic Help and ping Command)

musicbot(A Music Bot is essential to have an active Community in your Server. It uses distube)

Config Commands:

setup(Config your server)

set-count(Set count channel for counting game)

music-setup(Setup a unique music system for your server)

reset(Reset music system for your server)


ticket-setup(Setup ticket system for your server)

Economy Commands:

profile(Create a economy profile)

balance(Check a user's balance)

deposit(Deposit your coins to bank)

daily(Collect your daily rewards)

work(Work and earn some coins)

beg(Beg for coins)

store(Visit the shop)

buy(Buy items from shop)

and more....

If u face any kind of bugs then join the support server or use report command.

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