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SeaSide Bot

A utility bot created by Joshh for the community. This bot contains a load of features, such as high quality music, modmail and giveaways!






New Version Coming Soon

There will be a new version of SeaSide Bot, releasing in the next few weeks. This will add more customisation, more features, and a web dashboard! See more at If you do the $help command, please NOTE: The configuration is no longer functional, as we prepare to move to a custom dashboard.


This bot is still under development, changes are being made constantly to it.

For more information, go to

Current features:

-Reaction Roles

-Giveaways! Host your very own giveaways with this fantastic bot. Supports d/h/m/s formatting.

-Music: High quality music streaming, the bot will stream 24/7 for you!

More features are coming very soon. We intend to add moderation features, suggestions, announcements, and much, much more! (Modmail is WIP)


$help: Displays the help prompt

$info: Displays general bot info

$ping: Displays websocket and bot ping

$giveaway {duration(d/h/m/s)} {no. of winners} {prize}: Creates a giveaway

$del-giveaway {message id of the giveaway}: Deletes specified giveaway

$reroll {message id of giveaway}: Rerolls specified giveaway

$play {youtube link}: Play song- adds to queue if a song is already playing

$pause: Pauses current song

$resume: Resumes playback

$skip: Skips current song

$stop: Stops all playback, clears the queue

$repeat: Repeats current song

$repeat-off: Disables repeat

$shuffle: Shuffles the queue

$queue: Displays queue

$clear-queue: Clears queue

$remove {id of song}: Removes selected song from queue

$volume {volume from 0-200%}: Sets volume

$rr-create {message id} {reaction} {id of role to give}: Creates a reaction role for the given role

$rr-delete {message id} {reaction}: Removes specified reaction role

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