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Anti Vowels

A useless, but fun bot that hates vowels.




Lion Luke.

Lion Luke.

Anti Vowels is a bot meant for one thing and one thing only, entertainment. After we are done telling you what this simple and awesome bot does, we will show you a command that will make your life a lot easier. Anti Vowels can be connected to a channel. In this channel the bot will delete any messages sent there and replace them in an embed, but all vowels will be removed. Example: 'Hello World' will be changed into 'hll wrld'.

[prefix]help - This will send an embed with some detailed information about the bot and the key features/commands.

[prefix]setprefix [prefix] - Change the bot's prefix.

[prefix]setup [Channel ID/Channel Mention] - Link the anti vowel system to the submitted channel.

[prefix]setup Remove - Disconnect the bot from the anti vowels channel.

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