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Hello There!

My name is NintendoTool, and today, I'm presenting you Onyx. Onyx is a small bot that has a goal to be a General / Moderation bot. So far, I'm fulfilling that goal, by adding in commands such as:

  • &purge
  • &user
  • &meme
  • and much more!

So far, I'm trying to add in other commands to help user's have the best time that they can get out of my bot. If you have any recommendations, please add me on Discord, and tell me, or leave a review. Please remember that your request for the bot must:

  • Follow Discord's ToS

Some questions

Why did you make a bot?

I started to make a bot because I got inspired by Flash#0420, and his bot '"Reverse Flash". That's originally where it all started. Once I asked him how would I get started on this journey, he said that I could take the JavaScript Course on Codecademy, so I took the course. While I was taking the course, I saw one of my friends make a bot called "NovaBot", which then inspired me even more. After a few weeks, we are now here

Why the name "Onyx"?

The reason I chose Onyx is because of a medal that my friend earned was called "The Onyx Medal". Once I saw that medal, I decided that the name "Onyx" would be a good name for my bot, and bot was added on, since it's a Discord bot.

Will there be any updates for the bot?

Yes, I'm planning to add in more commands to the bot, with such commands as:

  • &highlow - Plays a game of Higher or Lower (will be called &guess, but it will change to &highlow soon)
  • &meme - Searches for a meme on Reddit (has been created)

Well, that's all I have for right now. I'll see all of you guys later!

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