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Learn how one ping can affect your member count.


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What's a snapshot?

A OnePing snapshot is basically samples of your guilds member count. We take a sample one minute after you run the command, ten minutes after run, an hour after run, two hours after run, and then twelve hours after run. This will give you an accurate picture of how a ping can affect your member count.

Can it save snapshot data?

Yes, of course! That's one of our main features. Every snapshot is backed up in our cloud and you can access it's data at any moment.

Wait, so what's the difference between a manual and auto snapshot?

Manual snapshots can be taken by any member at any time. They aren't triggered by anything and results are sent in the channel the command is run in. Auto snapshots are triggered when a user with mention everyone permissions mentions @everyone or @here. They flow into the channel of your choosing. Other then that, they're pretty much the same.

In conclusion...

OnePing let's you see how your member count is affected by pings. All data is also stored in the cloud.

And the cost is...?

100% free! There's no premium version, everyone has the exact same version of our bot.

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