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Anti-raid Discord bot, for the best protection of your server.






ND Protect is an anti-raid and moderation bot for the best protection of your Discord server.

Anti raid features:

  • Anti ban-all: prevent moderators/administrators from banning lots of members
  • Anti kick-all: prevent moderators/administrators from kicking lots of members
  • Anti webhooks: prevent moderators/administrators from creating webhooks (for spamming for example)
  • Anti bots: prevent administrators from adding a bot
Anti raid features can be enabled or disabled within the embeded dashboard (with .config).

It has several useful commands:

  • .inviteinfo: send informations of another server by passing it's invite link
  • .userinfo: display informations of a user or a server member
  • .roleall: give a role to all members
  • .embed: design and send an embed
  • .ban/.kick: simple ban/kick commands working with ID or mention
  • .help: help menu to discover all others commands!

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