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Ryife is a German bot. With special systems such as leveling, welcome, jail and more!


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! Tiri

! Tiri

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hey, du kannst mit dem Command #ttt <player 1> <player 2> eine runde TicTacToe starten. Mit #place <1-9> kannst du deine Wahl auswählen!


Ryife is mainly a German bot, but English users can also use Ryife. But all the information is currently still in German.

With great features like: Music, giveaway, tempchannel, leveling, welcome, Jail, moderation, general, fun and more. Of course, the bot is often improved.

The setups can be called up with #logs, #welcome, #ranks, etc. I hope the bot is accepted.

If you have problems with the bot, please contact the support server. If you like the bot, you are welcome to vote for the bot.

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