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Brian Text to speech bot that joins your discord voice channel






What does this bot do?

Have you ever wanted to test out your TTS donation before you donate to a twitch streamer? Have you ever wanted to mess with your friends while they are hanging out in discord by spamming "L_ L_ L_ L_ L_ L_ L_ 777777777777" with Brian's voice? Well with this discord bot you finally can. Just invite to your discord server, connect to a voice channel, and type "$tts (your sentence goes here)" to have the bot join your voice channel and speak the message you wrote.

Supported commands:

  • $help - Displays the help menu
  • $manual - Displays a TTS Manual Google Doc for using Brian. Made by gshredder
  • $stop - Stops Brian while he is speaking
  • $tts (sentence to be read) - Get Brian to read a sentence
  • $beatbox - Sick beatz
  • $invite - A bot invite link to share with your friends
  • $support - Support the bot by upvoting it on

Usage example:

$tts hello this is a test 7777777777 L_ L_ L_

Report a bug:

If you find an issue with the bot or you able to get it to break please reach out to me on discord Ginja#7234 or checkout the source code on github and open an issue there.

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