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A game-show style "Buzzer" bot which allows members to "buzz-in." Useful for servers hosting Jeopardy! and other trivia style games.


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Buzzerd Mainframe / Add Buzzerd to your server

Buzzerd is a game show-style buzzer discord bot. Users with a certain role (defaulted to @Buzzer) are able to control the buzzer's functionality. That functionality includes:

  • Enable/disable the buzzer.
  • Clear the buzzed-in list.
  • Randomize the buzzed-in list.
  • Change the mode from normal to chaos mode.
    • Chaos mode simply randomizes the buzzed-in list every time someone new buzzes in. Buzzing in first won't mean much!
  • Change the server channel that the bot listens to for buzz-ins.

Users buzz in with !heep.

Visit the Buzzerd Mainframe to control the buzzer and view the list of people who have currently buzzed in. Anyone who visits this control panel without permission will only be able to view it, while the controls are reserved for users with the @Buzzer role.

NOTE: The buzzer will be disabled until someone with the @Buzzer role enables it. This buzzer role can be changed (!buzz.role @NewBuzzerRole) by anyone with the default @Buzzer role or with the power to manage roles on the server.

This bot is especially useful for discord servers which host their own Jeopardy! style game show on voice/video chat. Enjoy the fun, and when things get stale, switch to chaos mode!

Command Argument Description Needs buzzer role?
!buzz.role @role Change the role that controls the buzzer Yes, or MANAGE_ROLES permission
! #channel Change the channel the bot listens to for buzz-ins Yes
!buzz.nick "nick name" Change the nickname of the bot Yes
!buzz.mode Toggle the mode to/from normal/chaos Yes
!buzz.ready Enable/disable the buzzer Yes
!buzz.list See who has buzzed in so far Yes
!buzz.random Randomize the list of people who have buzzed in Yes
!buzz.clear Clear the list of people who have buzzed in Yes
!heep Buzz in! No

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