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A bot for private, ranked-choice voting. React to polls, get ballot DMs, submit your votes, review results.







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This bot supports various commands to create, participate in, and manage polls.


Command Description
poll Create a poll
results View poll results and rankings
close Close a poll
audit (Admin-only) View detailed poll info and receive a CSV file with ballots via a DM
deleteMyUserData Deletes all polls and ballots for a user

Creating polls

Anyone can create a poll with this command. !pollbot poll <topic>? <comma-separated-options>

Example: !pollbot poll What is the best flavor of icecream? vanilla, chocolate, mint chip

Pollbot will respond with a summary of the poll.

Request a ballot

To request a ballot, react to Pollbot's summary message. Pollbot will DM you a ballot with instructions.

Submitting your votes

To submit your votes, DM Pollbot an ordered list of option keys.

Here is an example ballot DM:

[BOT] pollbot


Here's your ballot

To vote, order the options from best to worst in a comma-separated list e.g. C,b,a,d

Invalid options will be ignored

Privacy notice: Your user id and current user name is linked to your ballot. Your ballot is viewable by you and bot admins.

What is the best flavor of icecream?

a| vanilla
b| chocolate
c| mint chip

You would respond to this DM with a message like this if you prefer chocolate over mint chip and mint chip over vanilla:



Poll results are currently tabulated using ranked-pair / Tideman analysis. Anyone can view current and final results publicly with the following command. !pollbot results <poll-id>

Admins can audit polls and have a CSV file of ballots DMed to them using the following command. !pollbot audit <poll-id>

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If you'd like to delete your personal data, simply use the !pollbot deleteMyUserData command. You will need to provide your user id to do so.

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