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My bot's name is Mossy I built my mossy boat to help people, I hope people use it.



moderasyon, fun and Turkish bot. His name is Mossy. I made this bot for people to use and benefit.


AFK command: Tell the people who tagged you that you are Afk Using afk: .afk

Avatar Command: Shows the avatar, which is the profile photo of you or the person you have tagged. avatar usage: .avatar / .avatar @kisi

Clear Command: Delete messages Clear Usage: .clear

Ad Barrier: removes links where people post the ad Ad block usage: open ad-block

Hangman: This is a game where you try to save the hanging man by finding the word at the end of the letters. use man:.

love: this fun command measures the love between you and the person you tagged love: love

fish: you catch any fish Usage: .balt

ban: ban tagged person from server usage: .ban

and many commands are hopefully self explanatory

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