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A family-friendly multi-purpose bot that can do everything from moderating the chat to playing games with you.


? or custom


This Bot is still under heavy development, so there may be bugs, please use the report command (?report bug <actual bug>) to report any bugs, Thank you.


Right now these are some stuff it can do:

  • Moderation,
  • Play music in discord,
  • Economy system,
  • Searching the web,
  • Fun commands (such as 8ball),
  • Single-player games,
  • Multi-player games, and more. Do the help command to view all the commands!

Commands are not permanent and are subject to change. Please leave any suggestions for new commands using the report command (?report suggestion <command suggestions>) If you have any feedback on my bot use: ?report feedback <actual feedback>

Your contribution

It would really mean a lot to me, if you could invite my bot and use it and/or vote for it, that way it gives me the motivation to keep making the bot better 💝, as always Thanks! 😁

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