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Buy, sell and fight for pixel's on your server's Pixelboard. Pixelboard is an economy bot, and multiplayer game which provides endless fun.



Welcome to Pixelboard!

Pixelboard is a marketplace game that lets your community buy, sell and paint pixels on your Pixelboard.

Earning Pixi this way is simple, fun, and a great community activity to bring your members together.

Each player begins with ✨100 pixi. Your profile shows your balance

pixel profile

Italian Trulli

Dig to earn more pixi!

pixel dig

Italian Trulli

Each pixel on the board has a price and a color.

pixel board

Italian Trulli

If you have enough pixi, you can buy any pixel on the board.

pixel paint 0 -3 green

pixel paint 0 -3 🪐

Italian Trulli

When someone buys your pixel, the proceeds are deposited into your balance.

The Leaderboard tracks the top players.

pixel leaderboard

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Become your community's top pixel pioneer with Pixelboard!

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