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A multipurpose bot including amazing features such as 8ball, set & check birthday, get your avatar, greet, bye, find, hack, joke, jumble, poll, rate, rockpaperscissors, say, slots, snake game, ttt, textart, trivia etc for fun. Blur, circle, clyde, dababy, facepalm, fuse, greet, greyscale, hitler, invert, jail, jokeoverhead, kiss, meme, no, pixelate, rainbow, rip, sepia, shit, slap, trash, trigger, wanted & wasted as images commands. announce, ban, bannedusers, blacklist, clear, cmd-disable, cmd-enable, kick, lock, private role, chatbot, temprole & unban as mod commands. There are more lots of commands! To view them do i!help!

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