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A multifunctional bot for everything you need. Borz offers many functions/commands.






Borz has many functions and commands in different categories:

­ ­ o) Moderation (commands which only users with certain permissoins can use. Examples: ban, clear-chat, mute, set-prefix,...)

o) Info (commands which show infos and some commands can be used as tools. Examples: server-info, user-info, calculate, google...)

o) Fun (commands for fun. Examples: cleverbot, meme, joke,...)

o) Custom Memes (commands with which you can create custom memes. Examples: disappointed, drake, winnie,...)

o) Music (commands with which you can listen to music that the bot will play. Examples: play, pause, resume,...)

o) Games (commands with which you can play games. Examples: tic-tac-toe, connect-4, hangman,...)

­ ­ If you find any bugs or need help, you can tell me in my discord server here:

I hope you will enjoy using this bot :)

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