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A simple bot for giveaways, leveling, minigames, polls, fun and more!


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TimMcBot is a simple and easy-to-use discord bot. Increase your server's activity with its fun commands and features!
The help command is +help

ğŸŽ‰ Giveaways

Create neat giveaways with +giveaway and set many requirements, such as
- a required role,
- a required amount of sent messages,
- a required amount of invited users.

🏆 Leveling

TimMcBot has a level system that gives you XP when you send messages. It also includes
- a total, a daily and a weekly leaderboard and
- a web leaderboards.

ğŸŽ² Minigames

- play fun games like TicTacToe and Connect4 against other server members
- start global games against people from other servers

📊 Polls

With TimMcBot, you can create
- normal, standard polls
- anonymous polls that don't show the author's name and
- strict polls that only allow it to vote once.

There are many other useful and fun features and commands available which aren't listed here. Add TimMcBot to your server today to try them yourself!
The help command is +help

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