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Karta Is The Best Moderation Bot For Channel Nukes, Giveaways, & Moderation. Karta comes with a clean interface and is easy to use.


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With Karta In Your Server, You Can Protect Against Attacks, Nukes, & Raids. Not Only Can You Do That, You Can Reward Your Members With Giveaways! And It's Not Done Yet! You Even Can Purge Channels If Neccessary! Karta Has The FASTEST Channel Nuke System EVER! Karta Comes With A Sleek Interface Which Allows You To See & Navigate Through Commands And The Help Menu Easily! This Helps Everyone Enjoy The Bot! A New Feature We Added Was XP Levelling! You Can Track How Much XP You Get And See If You Can Make It To The Global Leaderboard! A Newly Added Feature Is The Invite System! This Invite System Allows You To Track Invites, Reset Invites, And Check The Guild's Invite Leaderboard! Karta Has So Much Coming And It Will Prove To Be The Best Bot In Your Server!

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