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»Nao is a Bot with a lot of cool Commands. From music commands to a log or fun commands.


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••• About Nao •••

Nao is a multi purpose bot that comes with lots of cool commands and functionalities to manage your server and entertain your members.!

••• Commands •••

Moderation Usage Examples Descriptions
ban (user / userID) [reason] kick @Nao#0999 tosweet kick specified member from guild.
clear (amount) clear 10 Clears multiple messages at once.
clearwarns (member) (amount) clearwarns @Nao#0999 1 Clear amount of users warns. If amount is not set, this will clear all warns
kick (member) (reason) kick @Nao#0999 idiot Kick specified member from guild.
lock (channel) lock #Waifutalk Locks specified text channel for default role
mutedrole (muted_role) mutedrole Muted Sets muted role for your server. If you dont specify the role, bot will create one for you.
mute (member) (duration) mute @Nao#0999 1h Mutes specific member
slowmode (slowmode) (channel) slowmode 5 #Waifutalk Set a slowmode for a specific channel
unban (member) (reason) unban 838485064403910656 youtocoolforaban Unbans member from the server
unlock (channel) unlock #Waifutalk Locks specified text channel for default role
unmute (member) unmute @Nao#0999 Unmutes specific member
warn (member) (warning) warn @Nao#0999 badindestiny Warn member
warns (member) warns @Nao#0999 Get warns from specific members
ImageGeneration Usage Examples Descriptions
avatars avatars Get a random avatar pic/gif
blush blush Get a random blush pic/gif
cry cry Get a random cry pic/gif
hug hug Get a random hug pic/gif
kiss kiss Get a random kiss pic/gif
lick lick Get a random lick pic/gif
neko neko Get a random neko pic/gif
nom nom Get a random nom pic/gif
pat pat Get a random pat pic/gif
poke poke Get a random poke pic/gif
pout pout Get a random pout pic/gif
punch punch Get a random punch pic/gif
slap slap Get a random slap pic/gif
sleep sleep Get a random sleep pic/gif
smug smug Get a random smug pic/gif
tickle tickle Get a random tickle pic/gif
trap trap Get a random trap pic/gif
wallpapers wallpapers Get a random wallpapers pic/gif
Fun Usage Examples Descriptions
8ball (question) 8ball is Nao a good bot? Let the 8 Ball Predict!
avatar (user) avatar @Nao#0999 Get the avatar of the User
coinflip coinflip flip a coin
f (text) f Enslo Press F to pay respect
hotcalc (user) hotcalc @Nao#0999 Calculate how hot a user is
memes memes get a funny meme
random random Get a random number
slot slot Play slot
Configurations Usage Examples Descriptions
disablewelcome disablewelcome Disable welcome messages for your server
enablewelcome (channel) (welcome_message) enablewelcome #welcome Welcome! Enables welcome messages
modroles (roles) modroles #Admin Sets roles considered as moderators/admins. Put them in "one space" separated list
mutedrole (muted_role) mutedrole Muted Sets muted role for your server. If you dont specify the role, bot will create one for you.
prefix (new prefix) prefix ?? Set a custom prefix
setlogchannel (channel) setlogchannel #thecoollogs Sets a channel for bot to log events
welcomehelp welcomehelp Guide to set up a nice welcome message
Roles Usage Examples Descriptions
addautorole (role) addautorole @Member Add a role that will be assigned to members when they join automatically.Example
addrole (member) (role) addrole @Nao#0999 @baddeveloper Add role to a member
autoroles autoroles Show the autoroles for the server
createrole (colour) (role_name) createrole #0x1a1a1a ensloiscool Create a role on the server
delrole (role) delrole @Developer Delete a role from the server
remautorole (role) remautorole @Member Remove a role from autoroles
remrole (member) (role) remrole @enslo#9999 Developer Remove a role from member
Stats Usage Examples Descriptions
member (member) member @Zeffo#0393 Display stats and info about member
server server Display stats and config from server
Misc Usage Examples Descriptions
changelog changelog Show the changelog
dev dev show the developers of Nao
invite invite invite link for Nao
ping ping Get the latency between our bot and Discord as well as the latency of the host.
report (msg) report there is a typo in the developer command Report a Bug to the dev team
suggest (msg) suggest make a docs pls Suggest Us :)
support support Obtain the link to join the bot support server.
vote vote Obtain the Vote link for Nao
Music Usage Examples Descriptions
connect (channel) connect #gamertalk Connect to voice
leave leave Have the bot leave the current voice channel
np np Display information about the currently playing song
pause pause Pause the currently playing song
play (search) or linl play Minecraft Themen song Request a song and add it to the queue
queue queue Retrieve a basic queue of upcoming songs
resume resume Resume the currently paused song
resume resume Resume the currently paused song
skip skip Skip the song
volume (vol) volume 69 The volume to set the player to in percentage. This must be between 1 and 100

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