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A multipurpose bot for moderation, fun and more!


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We are working on the new major version. In this new version a lot of changes will occur. Orchestra will become a moderation helper, this means that it will provide a lot of features to help with moderation. Such as advanced bot logs, warn, mute and much more. All other commands like fun commands and even some moderation commands will be removed. Join our support server to follow the developments.


Orchestra is a multipurpose early acces discord bot for all your needs.

Permissions required: manage roles, manage messages, ban members, kick members, send messages, manage channels and view server audit logs

Commands ({} = required, () = optional):

  • help (command name), sends a list of commands
  • giverole {user mention or id} {role mention or id}, give a role to a user
  • removerole {user mention or id} {role mention or id}, remove a role from a user
  • ban {user mention or id} {reason}, ban a user
  • unban {user mention or id} {reason}, unban a user
  • kick {user mention or id} {reason}, kick a user
  • purge {number between 1 and 100}, bulkdelete messages
  • whois (user mention or id), get info on a user
  • invite, sends a bot invite link
  • announce {channel} {title}/(description), announce something in a channel (publishes message when send in a announcement channel)
  • permissions (user), shows permissions of a user
  • botinfo, shows information about the bot
  • serverinfo, shows information about the server
  • avatar (user), shows the users avatar
  • support, sends invite link to the support server
  • createchannel {text/voice} {name}, creates a new channel
  • createrole {name}, creates a new role
  • deletechannel {channel}, deletes a channel
  • deleterole {role}, delets a role
  • removeallroles {user}, remove all roles from a user
  • renamechannel {channel}, renames a channel
  • renamerole {role}, renames a role
  • rockpaperscissors {selection}, play a game of rock paper and scissors
  • rolecolor {role} {hex color}, change the color of a role
  • setprefix {new prefix}, change the prefix in a guild (prefix will always be default in dm's)
  • resetprefix, reset the prefix to the default one
  • quiz, play a fun quiz with friends (not many quistions yet)
  • truthordare, a fun game to play with friends (not many quistions yet)
  • hello, greetings
  • auditlogs {channel/off}, send server audit logs in a channel
  • warn {user} (description), warn a user
  • warnings {user}, warnings of a user
  • allwarnings, all warnings in a guild
  • case {case}, displays a case
  • clearcase {case}, delete a case
  • clearallwarnings, clear all warnings in a guild
  • clearwarnings {user}, clear all warnings of a user
  • setdescription {case}, set the description of a case
  • note {user} (description), add a note to a user
  • alllogs, shows all logs in a server
  • allnotes, shows all notes in a server
  • clearnotes, delete all notes for a user
  • clearallnotes, delete all notes in a server
  • clearalllogs, delete all logs in a sever
  • notes, shows all notes for a user
  • logs, shows all logs for a user
  • joinmessage {channel/off} (message), {user} will be replaced with the users name
Some of these commands work in DM's

More commands are added at a regular base.

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