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Aguante Chaewon is a KPOP Traiding Card Game. Collect the cards of your favorite groups and level them up.


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We reached the limit of servers. How to play Aguante Chaewon?

Aguante Chaewon has already reached the limit of 100 servers so the bot cannot be invited to more servers for now. We are waiting for the Discord Bot Verification. In the meantime, you can join the official Aguante Chaewon server by clicking the "Get Support" button at the bottom left of the page.

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Aguante Chaewon is a K-POP Trading Card Game. Collect the cards of you favorite groups and level them up. In Aguante Chaewon you can:

  • Try your luck by getting random cards.
  • Get your desired cards using game coins.
  • Level up your cards.
  • Level up your account.
  • Complete missions and receive rewards for playing.
  • Sell cards cards to other players.
  • Buy cards from others players.

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