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Unfinished Economy bot with cryptomining and stonks (not real, duh.)


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This is a bot. Of course it is, why else would it be here?
Its purpose is to provide a server with an economy system. But you probably knew that already.
Ok, enough with the vague descriptions, let's get on with something that you can actually use.
Economy stonks is an economy bot built by me (SRequiem) and my friend mmvmo. It's not finished yet, but it already has a lot of stuff in it, like cryptomining and a stonks market.

List of commands

just run $help, i'm too lazy to type it all out here.

Support and bugs

If you encounter any bugs while using the bot, or if it seems to not work or if it has crashed, please open an issue on our Github page. the link will be on the right side of this page, somewhere under everything else there. Or, you could DM either me or mmvmo if you don't have a Github account. Do either one.

Other stuff

You can request things to be put in the bot. Join our server through the "get support" button and DM me if you want something. Sure, it might take a while to get put in the bot, because we have so much other stuff to implement, but I promise, it'll be in the bot someday.

Unless you're rude about it or the thing is either impossible or nsfw. Then no.

Updates will be posted whenever there is an update. Check out our patreon here =>, blah, blah, blah, like and subscribe, blah, blah, blah, all that blimey. Anyways I have to go to school now.

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