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Mudae Reaction is a very simple bot made to allow people bypass the limitation of hearts not appearing in waifus and husbandos due to a Discord limitation to Mudae. This way, you will keep this functionality while not overloading Discord nor Mudae.

long version

The famous Discord Bot named Mudae got limited by Discord due to a high use of their API, which does not seem strange for the big amount of people using the Bot on their servers. To keep Mudae alive, their team had to limit the quantity of reactions that Mudae added. Thus, the free feature of heart reactions became a premium feature for the Bot.

As soon as I saw this, I made this bot to bypass this limitation. The bot does not have any command at all besides m!invite, which sends an invite link for the bot. It is a simple bot that only needs to be able to view the channel where you use Mudae to be able to react to every of its messages. As it is a bot, Mudae will not detect the reaction and you will be able to marry the waifu or husbando you want. If Mudae reacts to a message as well as Mudae Reaction, two different hearts will appear, but pressing to any of them will claim the character!

Some people find the bot wrong as it bypasses a premium feature. In my honest opinion, Mudae does not need at all this feature to be premium to keep the bot up, it was only a way to limit how many hearts were added. Thus, I find this bot a clever way to keep your money with you while having the original free features.

What are you waiting for? Join Mudae Reaction and enjoy Mudae at the most! Don't forget to recommend it to a friend!

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